Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flying With A Toddler Part 2

Ok, here are some more ideas that I have found that hopefully will come in handy when Kiley and I fly in a couple weeks. I have been scouring Pinterest a lot lately, and I found this really awesome idea.

Each one of these cases have one activity to play with. This is great, because everything is organized, I just have to reach in my bag, pull a case out and we have something to play with. When she gets bored of one, we put it away and pull out another one! These cases were found at Walmart, unfortunately, at my Walmart, they were on clearance so they only had 5 left and they were all white. I'll keep an eye out at other Walmart's for them though.

First case has a notebook I found on clearance at Target for 98 cents. I also included some color pencils and stickers. My munchkin loves drawing and stickers, so I am hoping I'll get a lot of use out of this activity.

Second case has a SpongeBob Square packs activity. This one has foam beads and string to hold the foam beads. It also came with stickers. This one should be fun. We got this as a gift from someone, so I have been hiding it for this flight. I think we'll get a lot of use out of this one and it will help out her motor skills too! (Sorry, image did not work out).

This case is her Mickey Mouse Case!!! Or "DiDi!!!" as she likes to say it.

AND... a doodle board. She's never had one before so this will be fun.

(All these toys she has not seen yet, that is what adds to the excitement of playing with them on the plane). I have one more white pencil case to use. Not sure what to put in it yet.

Last item I have (so far) is this soap case. Picked this up at Walmart in the travel section. I decorated it with stickers and I plan to hold her crayons in it. That way, the crayons aren't rolling around on the seat tray and they are easy to see and grab. :)

I found these cute bunny crayons in the dollar section at Target, but they don't work very well :(

I may get a couple more items, but until then, LATER!!!

First Attempt at Freezer Cooking

This post is a little overdue (like a couple weeks) but I still wanted to share my experience with freezer cooking. I made banana bread and muffins, whole wheat waffles, and a ham casserole. I didn't get pics of everything, but here's a few...

My little one helped with the banana bread by peeling the bananas, she loves helping Mommy in the kitchen. :)

Overall, the freezer cooking experience was fun! Just a few hours in the kitchen and my freezer had a nice collection of meals and snacks!

Coupon Update

I am still a fan of couponing. I have since updated my coupon holder. I still have my purple one, which I LOVE, but it is now just for grocery coupons. I had to get a second one, cause my first one wouldn't zip shut anymore. lol

So here is my second Coupon Holder.

I didn't like this one at first, but once I filled it up, it has been great. This one holds all non-food items and has held up extremely well so far. :) Happy Couponing!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Planning A Flight With A Toddler? Part 1

My almost 2 year old and I are going to be flying in a couple weeks, and I have been doing some early preparations to make that flight go as smoothly as possible. I have flown a few times with her, and she has always been pretty good, so I have been lucky. With her being almost a year older since the last time we flew, and more mobile, I figured I need some more entertainment for her then just an ipod. :) SO!!! First thing I have come up with is a quiet book. I LOVE the idea of Quiet books, and have been working on one for the past couple months. I have finished a few pages and might add a couple more before we head home. I think this will come in handy on the plane...

Our Quiet book, nice small handle for my little ones little hands :)
(I'm still working on the front some, trying to figure out how to decorate it)

I loved the idea of finger puppets, so this was the first page I made. I saw this page on a lot of quiet book posts.

A cute little mail box with a letter in it from Mommy :)

Balloon page, mainly to help go over colors. She loved this page when I was putting it together. She loves her some balloons.

Shape matching page with envelope to hold shapes. Still have to put some velcro on the envelope
to hold it shut.

I found this dryer and sock idea on pinterest and thought it was too cute to not put in our quiet book.

Bead counting page

So, that's all there is for now, I have some other pages that aren't done yet. Hoping to get them done soon.

Stay tuned for more ideas on flying with a toddler. Catch ya later!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've become a coupon fanatic! :)

The past few months I started to really get into couponing. I love saving that extra bit wherever I go. I actually always carry certain ones with me all the time, which meant I needed a place for them. I found this awesome coupon holder at Bed Bath and Beyond and had to order it. (I went into the store to order it there cause they'll let you use your 20% off coupon).
I checked the site, they actually have a different style now, but they are still really cute, here is the link. Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon/Receipt Organizer

Here is a picture of mine:

I have made up extra dividers so that I can have more categories. It's easier to find when there split up more. I have a section for Groceries (with beverages, condiments, snacks, and freezer section, just to make things easier to find), there is a restuarant section for fast food or dine in, first aid, beauty products, etc. I also have a section for target, cause I have so many coupons just for target. Also, one for Kiley, for diapers, babies r us coupons, and anything else that relates to her. I've had mine for almost a year and it is still holding up really well.

I LOVE this thing. It is so nice to have my coupons all in one spot, and the holder is small enough to carry everywhere with me. :)

Just on a side note, this last week I went to Target and got these items below for... $2.25!!!! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Management Binder

One thing I love is organization! BUT, I have not been organized AT ALL lately. I read some blogs a few months back about making a Home Management Binder. A Home Management Binder keeps schedules, to do lists, budgets, recipes, menus, contacts, etc all in one easy-to-find spot. I have been busy working on mine this last week, cause I am determined to get things on track. Picture of the one I put together below :)

I found AMAZING printables at these sites: TipsFromAMomOf3 This is where I started, got tons of ideas for my binder, and she has a ton of links for free printables.
TheProjectGirl She has some great printables for Projects and a gift log checklist, plus some DIY crafts

I'm still working on getting mine where I want it, but I have a good start so far. :)
I have to find the other ones that I used, but these were the two I had a blast with.

(I will post more pics later, once I get the binder in better shape)

Ok, Here We Go...

So, I started this blog AWHILE ago, and now, I intend to continue posting. We shall see how that goes. :)

I plan on making posts of just everything that interest's me. Recipes, organizational things, money saving tips, etc, etc, and of course, my sweet baby girl, Kiley!

So, as stated above, here we go!