Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here is my first post of my "Favorite Things" Blog, and I thought I would make a post of the few of my favorite things that I got for Kiley that were convenient to have for her first few months of life.

1. Amy Coe Pacifier Holder- Not a must-have, but I thought it to be a convenient item. Before I had this, Kiley's pacifier would just float around her diaper bag and it always had lint or some fuzz stuck to it. So, this item is one of my faves.

2. Munchkin Pacifier clip- I love this clip. I used it a lot in Kiley's first months, it was so handy, and has a strong clip that holds on tight. Now, she doesn't use her paci as much, so I use it to hold her toys and clip it to her. It's nice to keep her from throwing her toy on the floor all the time. .

3. Pacifier wipes- another convenient item. I usually have Kiley's paci clipped to her, so I don't use these for pacis too much. BUT... it is convenient for toys that she ALWAYS drops on the floor. Just a quick wipe and there good to go again. I love this item too, because they smell like apples and are made of pretty much all edible type items.

4. Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser- I have had a couple times where Kiley has needed a diaper change and there has been no trashcan around, like when I change her in my car. Some of those diapers are diapers I would not like to leave floating around in my car either, ick! These are great because they have a clean smell to them that mask the smell inside. :)

5. And last but definetly not least in Kiley's World is her two favorite toys. The Baby Einstein Take-Along toy has always been a fave. It always gets her attention when shes fussy or bored. Also, Dylan the Duck, car seat toy is another fave. It squeaks, and makes other little noises. Kiley loved playing with this in the car.

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