Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flying With A Toddler Part 2

Ok, here are some more ideas that I have found that hopefully will come in handy when Kiley and I fly in a couple weeks. I have been scouring Pinterest a lot lately, and I found this really awesome idea.

Each one of these cases have one activity to play with. This is great, because everything is organized, I just have to reach in my bag, pull a case out and we have something to play with. When she gets bored of one, we put it away and pull out another one! These cases were found at Walmart, unfortunately, at my Walmart, they were on clearance so they only had 5 left and they were all white. I'll keep an eye out at other Walmart's for them though.

First case has a notebook I found on clearance at Target for 98 cents. I also included some color pencils and stickers. My munchkin loves drawing and stickers, so I am hoping I'll get a lot of use out of this activity.

Second case has a SpongeBob Square packs activity. This one has foam beads and string to hold the foam beads. It also came with stickers. This one should be fun. We got this as a gift from someone, so I have been hiding it for this flight. I think we'll get a lot of use out of this one and it will help out her motor skills too! (Sorry, image did not work out).

This case is her Mickey Mouse Case!!! Or "DiDi!!!" as she likes to say it.

AND... a doodle board. She's never had one before so this will be fun.

(All these toys she has not seen yet, that is what adds to the excitement of playing with them on the plane). I have one more white pencil case to use. Not sure what to put in it yet.

Last item I have (so far) is this soap case. Picked this up at Walmart in the travel section. I decorated it with stickers and I plan to hold her crayons in it. That way, the crayons aren't rolling around on the seat tray and they are easy to see and grab. :)

I found these cute bunny crayons in the dollar section at Target, but they don't work very well :(

I may get a couple more items, but until then, LATER!!!


  1. Hi Jess!! Love your flying ideas! Kiley will really enjoy the cases... and brilliant idea about the soap container for the crayons! You are so clever :)

  2. What brand is are the white bags with the zip

  3. What brand is are the white bags with the zip