Monday, February 27, 2012

Planning A Flight With A Toddler? Part 1

My almost 2 year old and I are going to be flying in a couple weeks, and I have been doing some early preparations to make that flight go as smoothly as possible. I have flown a few times with her, and she has always been pretty good, so I have been lucky. With her being almost a year older since the last time we flew, and more mobile, I figured I need some more entertainment for her then just an ipod. :) SO!!! First thing I have come up with is a quiet book. I LOVE the idea of Quiet books, and have been working on one for the past couple months. I have finished a few pages and might add a couple more before we head home. I think this will come in handy on the plane...

Our Quiet book, nice small handle for my little ones little hands :)
(I'm still working on the front some, trying to figure out how to decorate it)

I loved the idea of finger puppets, so this was the first page I made. I saw this page on a lot of quiet book posts.

A cute little mail box with a letter in it from Mommy :)

Balloon page, mainly to help go over colors. She loved this page when I was putting it together. She loves her some balloons.

Shape matching page with envelope to hold shapes. Still have to put some velcro on the envelope
to hold it shut.

I found this dryer and sock idea on pinterest and thought it was too cute to not put in our quiet book.

Bead counting page

So, that's all there is for now, I have some other pages that aren't done yet. Hoping to get them done soon.

Stay tuned for more ideas on flying with a toddler. Catch ya later!

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